Strategically Creating and Implementing Financial Plans for Your Family and Business

For most business owners, physicians, executives, and law firm partners, there’s little time left in the day to deal with personal finances.

Most people live under the assumption that they can deal with their financial planning "later" -- there's always next month or next year. Unfortunately, being too busy can be costly. Even those who are determined and able to make the time are often left questioning if they have planned correctly and as tax-efficiently as possible.

Perhaps you’ve saved some money, bought some life insurance, or invested in the market. But have you taken the time to design and implement a comprehensive and holistic plan that will ensure you are able, both now and in the future, to enjoy the people and things that are important to you, without worry or hesitation?   

Have you done everything they can to reduce taxes, both now and in the second half of life?

Our goal is to provide tremendous value in helping people make active, conscious, and meaningful decisions about their financial security. Whether you are concerned about your own financial situation or that of your family or your business, they can help you identify what’s important and address those items as efficiently and effectively as possible with a comprehensive plan. In this way, it is Rasmussen Wealth Management's goal to serve their clients over the long-run as their most trusted advisors.

Make the time now to start planning for tomorrow.

Forbes Top Financial Security Professionals 2021
Rasmussen Wealth Management

Andrew M Rasmussen, CFP®
Wealth Management Advisor

Rasmussen Wealth Management

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